A stunning new report just revealed how Trump disrespected John McCain’s death

Republicans, I hope you are really proud of this excuse for a human being that you elected to the White House and all of the terrible, demeaning things he’s said about hundreds of people. However, the most atrocious are the remarks he’s made about Senator John McCain! Unlike Trump, Senator McCain served this country during a time of war when Trump refused to go. McCain suffered torture and refused to leave the camp early when the Vietnamese found out who his father was. After returning he has served his country in political office decades doing the job that his constituents wanted him to do. I am a Democrat and didn’t agree with his policies but I can recognize a hero when it’s in my face. However, I can also recognize a coward and mean spirited excuse for a President when I see one, too.

Trump’s words are empty and meaningless. His weak-minded comments and total lack of integrity render him powerless to insult anyone.

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