Avenatti just shredded Trump with the perfect label in response to his attack on Dr. Ford

The real tragedy here is that none of us should be laughing about the tweet. We should all be hanging our heads in shame that we have such a disgraceful occupant of the White House.


If you are a woman just think about what he has just done. He has disrespected every woman everywhere including his own wife and daughters. I wonder how he would react if one of his daughters were to be sexually assaulted. Then again maybe it wouldn’t bother him. Who knows.

Avenatti’s response is spot on, and it’s not a political response, it’s a humanistic response.

Every person on the senate committee should be saying the same thing as Michael. It’s a disgrace that they are not.

If Kavanaugh is voted onto the Supreme Court another women’s march is in order.

We should do it in October, and it should have a singular focus – the November election.

Women can talk and write ourselves to death, but the most impactful action we can take to ensure mysoginistic sex creeps (like Trump and Kavanaugh) don’t rise to positions of power, and to ensure gender-fair policies and smart laws are passed is voting these brave female candidates into government.

Our citizenry is made up of more women than men (over 51% women). The gender make-up of congress should reflect that!

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