BUSTED: New footage disproves white woman’s claim that a black child ‘sexually assaulted’ her

How many black boys and men have been lynched due to a lying racist white woman? Hundreds? Thousands?
We’ll never know.

1.She should be changed with falsely reporting a crime.

2. The family of the child should sue her for definition and slander.

  • Can we throw her in jail now?
    •filing false report
    •tieing up an emergency line
    •impersonating a police officer (this was not a prank and she verbally announced herself as an officer)

If she plays her cards right, next week Trump will have her in to the Oval Office for a chat about how time doesn’t really exist.

The anger directed her way is certainly justified but just judging from her demeanor in the video, it would appear she needs some psychiatric help. I don’t think she’s all there mentally.




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