Did Michael Cohen Visit Prague? The Answer to this question Can Define What Happens Next in the Trump-Russia Saga

A recent report from McClatchy claims that Robert Mueller Special Counsel has evidence that Michael Cohen actually visited Prague via Germany during the 2016 presidential election campaigns, in late August on first week of September. To many followers of the Trump-Russia Saga, Cohen visiting an European nation will have little or no impact to the Mueller Investigation. But that may not be a good assessment. If Cohen did visit Prague, it could have a serious impact on the future of Trump’s presidency.

This is because Christopher Steele former British Intelligence Officer claimed in his dossier that Cohen visited Prague and colluded with Russians to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Cohen has unwaveringly denied visiting Prague, since the dossier was made public. Steele’s report, which was paid for by a lawyer who worked for the Hilary Clinton Campaign Organization, has not been corroborated and may not be easy to confirm.

According to the Steele report, Cohen began to play greater role in the Trump campaign following the exit of Paul Manafort, who got booted from Trump’s campaign when it became public that he was involved with a Ukrainian political party. The report claims that Cohen clandestinely met with Russian Officials in Prague during late August or the first week of September.

The report suggested that Cohen’s main objective then was to manage the scandal arising from Manafort’s involvement in Ukrainian/Russian Politics and to contain the scandal arising from the Carter Page’s visit to Russia in the month of July.

These allegations are serious; nevertheless it depends largely on Cohen actually visiting Prague. If Cohen never visited Prague, then all the allegations are false. However, if he made that trip then things can get more serious.

Cohen has for several months denied ever visiting Prague and in his January 11 2017 tweet, he said: I have never visited Prague all my life. Nevertheless, if it is ever proven that Cohen actually worked with Russian officials to influence the 2016 presidential elections, then chances are that he really visited Prague. This is certainly more to this story.

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