Hundreds of distinguished journalists just teamed up to finally end Trump’s war against the media

Read the letter here.

Original reporting by Avery Anapol.

I don’t think the media should cover his rallies! And I don’t think they should go to his press conferences!

Unfortunately, I don’t think he cares or it will make a difference! 😞
The journalists need to boycott him. Not show up at rallies, outside his plane etc. Seriously, if the mainstream media doesn’t show up it will drive him mad!

He should be impeached for not upholding the Constitution on Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech!

My only question is why EVERY journalist is not signing this. It might be tough to get Breitbart and Fox journalists to sign, but more should sign. The WH should be inundated with such letters which should also be published in every newspaper in the country. The media must stand firm in exercising their First Amendment rights.

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