Jake Tapper just publicly laid into Trump for his racist attacks on NFL players

Trump talks about fans paying high prices for tickets. Well, they choose to do it. I have no choice in paying taxes which are more and then watch a buffoon in the White House act like he does and have him and his cronies he put into office waste money on their entitlements with citizens money.


It is against the law or the president to interfere with the operation of private enterprise!!!!

He has a problem with the player’s kneeling during the national anthem, the pot calling the kettle black what happen to him putting his hand over his heart when saying the Pledge of Allegiance (oops maybe the wrong flag??)

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The Republicans will never denounce white supremacist fully because that is their base and they know it! If you want to disagree please name one in office now that has made it clear they don’t want the support of white supremacist!


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