Jim Carrey’s response on ICE just lost 1,500 children (MUST SEE)

There were actually over 7500 taken from their parents and then placed in foster homes. But they failed to keep track of all of them, and 1500 are now LOST.

This mess is solely on Trump. Families should have been kept together. Since he took office, I hope there is no light at the Statue of Liberty.

So all of these children were taken from their parents and suddenly they have gone missing? In my books that would be called kidnapping. Nobody is above the law. I would advise the parents in question to get a lawyer and have whom ever is responsible charged. The law is the law period.

This breaks my heart, what has happened to these children. If they r in foster care the foster parents would be YELLING here they are, and send me my monthly check. Since no one is stepping up claiming the kids, I can only think the worse has happened to these kids, and that is a very grim picture in my head. God protect those kids. And make someone in the US be held accountable for what is happening to those kids.

“The actor’s depiction of an ICE agent ripping a screaming baby from the arms of his hysterical mother as she is restrained by the agent’s accomplice perfectly represents the emotionally traumatic action as the heartless, violent crime against human rights that it truly is.” It needs to stopped and the children reunited with their parents.

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