John McCain’s former Chief of Staff just sent his own party an unexpected election day message

Good to hear. I’m glad McCain is still with us in spirit. I often didn’t agree with him, but I respected him and believed him to be an honorable, compassionate, patriotic man. McCain chose well for his Chief if Staff.

More and more Republicans are realizing that Trump is NOT a Republican. He told you he is a Nationalist. This is one time you can believe what he said.

I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and see all the seats lost by Republicans because we all voted BLUE today.

We miss our wonderful John McCain, integrity and decency.

I didn’t always agree with him but he sacrificed so much for his country. Keeping him and his family in my heart.

Remember the crooked elections of 2016 and the Russian interference with American elections. Vote Blue and stop the hate groups. Vote Democratic Blue party candidate.

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