Parkland shooting survivor was just viciously threatened by Gun Nuts

This is so said, a victim of gun murders being victimized again because people love their guns more than children. There are no words to explain how very, very sad this is.

Gun nuts, or Members of the “Well Regulated Militia” they should join the real , “Well Regulated Militia, The Military, exactly what the 2nd amendment is really describing, not some imaginary civilian army.

Talking about terrorist. Everybody has right to free speech. I thought that’s what these gun nuts are supposedly fighting for.

And….. this is a perfect example of who should not even have a gun, good job NRA, when you don’t like someone else’s opinion, threaten them with violence, whoever threatened the boy is a very good example of someone who should never have a gun, period.

This is the mentality that Trump has brought to make America Great Again!! Hatred , racism, and the love of guns over human life. It’s a sad day for the United States and the children and teens who are being slaughtered in their schools and these hateful people don’t care. I hope that the movement these brave young men and women have started blossoms throughout this country to make change that’s is so desperately needed!! I stand with you ALL!!!



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