Pro-Trump Doctor Launches Rant For Cops Treating Him Like A ‘F***ing Black Person’ During An Arrest

Man arrested for causing disturbance at OIA

"They are treating me like a (expletive) black person." Doctor arrested at OIA tells us why he did it:

Posted by WESH 2 News on Thursday, August 16, 2018

They intentionally create pain while putting you in handcuffs then scream, stop resisting. They choke you, and while you’re struggling to breathe they’re screaming stop resisting. They slam you to the ground on top of your own limbs then rest their knee on your head or back, and then ask you to stop resisting. They and their partners gang up on you and all crush you under their full weight then tell you to stop resisting. The words, “Stop resisting” is a setup y’all! They use it so the crowd can hear it, so it exempts them from getting in trouble later for abuse of power and excessive force.


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