Refusal of Presidential Interview – Mueller Moves Ahead With a Bold Move

The recent NBC News report that there will be no presidential interview, has thrown up some shocking details regarding the obstruction of justice inquiry being conducted by Special counsel Robert Mueller and his team. It is almost certain that President Trump will be facing an obstruction of justice charge and this could happen any time soon.

Reports have it that Robert Mueller will submit a report about Trump’s obstruction of justice to Rosenstein the Deputy Attorney General. That report is expected to contain certain critical findings.  Mueller and his team have been in negotiations with Trump’s Lawyers for a presidential interview. However the talks broke down after the FBI raided the offices of Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney.

Mueller and his team had intended to submit their report after sitting down with Trump, however according to a recent NBC News report, investigators will turn in their report earlier. The report is expected to touch on topics such as the meeting between Russians and Donald Trump Jr. in 2016 as well as Trump’s sacking of James Comey the former FBI Director.

The Deputy Attorney General, Rosenstein is overseeing the obstruction of justice investigation because of the obligatory recusal of Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, because he was a part of Trump’s campaign. NBC News recently gave a sketch of what will likely follow once Investigators submit their report to Rosenstein the Deputy Attorney General.

According to reliable sources, the report that Mueller will submit to Rod Rosenstein will most likely be confidential. However, the Deputy Attorney General may decide to send the details of the report to Congress as thus make it available to the general public.

After deliberating on the report, Congress might take the decision to initiate impeachment proceedings against Trump. Nevertheless, there are several other alternative legal theories that the Deputy Attorney General and Mueller can pursue.

No one can precisely predict how Rod Rosenstein Deputy Attorney General and Robert Mueller Special Counsel will proceed with this matter; however it appears the obstruction of justice investigation against Trump will soon be concluded.

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