Stormy Daniels just broke Twitter with a devastating response to Trump’s “horseface” attack

I do not believe that ever in the history of the world, a nation has elected someone so grossly unfit and unqualified to be its president. Future historians will look back at us and wince in disgust and wonder how on earth we were possibly so stupid as to have elected this guy in the first place.

Daniels took to Twitter and fired back.

He is(and I do choke on this statement) president of the United States,that is one of the reasons it is not acceptable, since Obama is constantly being brought into things how about all the horrid things that were said about him,never once did we hear him stoop to schoolyard bullying….

The fact that this exchange is deemed worth of newsprint shows the depth to which our country, in the time of trump, has fallen. Infantile name calling at the highest level of our government. Disgraceful.

Never have I heard a POTUS speak like this before. Doesn’t matter the subject or what it’s in reference too, it’s just appalling that a man whom runs our country talks like this. I’m so ashamed. How can the Republicans support this behavior? We’ll see come November!!!

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