The Houston police chief just publicly scolded Trump for attack on Kavanaugh accuser

After being a police chief, Chief Acevedo should pursue public office. Progressive thinker with a pair of cajones!

Ask Hatch and Grassley why females don’t report assaults. It’s men like these two dinosaurs that force females to keep their secret. It’s the fear of not being believed.

What about 45 reporting his tax returns? Also he wanted the text of the main people involved in the Russia investigation made public for transparency. How about 7% of Scotus nominee document being public?

The brain dead always defend others, before doing the research. Trump tweets are always a republican rant, proving nothing relevant.

Much respect to Chief Acevedo for stepping up and confronting evil head on. Wether she is being truthful or not, as the President of the United States you must set the bar high and be unbiased towards these types of accusation because you might send the wrong message. Words are very powerful especially when you’re POTUS. Then again who the hell thinks this clown deserves the presidency anyway.

Chief Acevedo’s unexpected response turned heads in Washington and will leave the Republican president steaming.

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