The white woman who harassed a black man entering his own building just paid for it

We have become a society of egomaniacal hypocrites. She’s lucky Mr. Toles is a gentleman with a rational attitude toward a racist, who acts out her worst prejudices.

When will white people stop calling 911 on black people and harassing black people when they are just living their lives and not doing anything wrong?

She worked for a Minority owned firm. You would think she wouldn’t be so stupid, White Privilege.

She had plenty of chances to back off, but she chose to continue with her tirade. I truly hope she gets the help she needs and learns from this. It is unfortunate that she had to lose her job, but that’s all on her.

She got just what she deserved. She could not have been that scared because SHE followed HIM to his door, not the other way around. Maybe she wanted to be invited in.

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