Trump just gave a speech so racist MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace refused to air it live

Nicolle Wallace used to work for George W. She’s not a lefty or even a liberal. She’s just a smart woman who is fed up with the liar in chief.

They should all stop covering Trump. Think of what a wonderful day that would be.

CNN issued an apology for airing it. Said they were led to believe he was going to say something different. After 2 years, they should know better.

We need to have that with all of these commercials…a fact check imbedded in the program that automatically pops up with every single claim! For ALL to see. Then maybe they would stop spending all of this money on their shitty ads and make better use of it!

I hope everyone starts doing this. Stop spreading his non stop lies.Stop showing his rallies Not News. He does nothing to govern. Nicolle’s is one of the best on msnbc. I am a blue CA dem. Saw this show today. Well done.

I watched for about 5 minutes- got so nauseated and disgusted I turned him off. He’s a disgrace to the office !

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