Trump just issued a disgustingly cowardly response to today’s attempted bombings against Obama and Clinton

Never has an American President sowed so much divisiveness, hatred and violence before. And he is desperately looking to start a war, any war, against just anybody. This dangerous SOB will have blood on his hands sooner or later.

He is the cause of the divisions and hate facing this nation. Now he declares openly he is a “nationalist”. This man is not normal. He has gone beyond being a racist to one who will incite his followers into violent acts.

He’s so incompetent he can only retweet what Pence said. A bomb was also sent to CNN. Trump is single handedly responsible for inciting and encouraging violence towards the press. Too bad Trump didn’t get a bomb too.

Let’s see who ADOLPH Dummy blames. Most likely the Democrats, middle easterners, Mexicans, some 400 pound fat guy sitting on a bed, the media and on and on. He is to blame for inciting people with all his hate.

People who think of trump as a strong leader better look again. This is the worst abdication of responsibility for a supposed leader of our country. He’s fine with letting his VP and then his wife speak for him. We should all be deeply offended. When he finally does speak he calls for unity. Whenever he speaks at his rallies he projects the opposite attitude. I can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

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