Trump’s White House just suspended CNN’s Jim Acosta’s press credentials for a dubious reason

CNN Jim Acosta is a professional reporter who asked the tough questions and trump was caught with his lying mouth and couldn’t honestly answer. So he tried to shut Jim down and Jim being the professional newsman he is wasn’t backing down like trump weasels …
Thank you CNN and Jim Acosta for standing up for the free press and the USA…


The whole press corps needs to walk out. Don’t give the bloated orange catcher’s mitt his audience. We’re DONE. I for one can’t stand his fucking voice, and turn off the video/change the channel whenever he opens his goddamn mouth, so no big loss anyway.

Well I think it’s time for all the press to turn in their credentials in protest to Trumps actions. Let’s see how long Trump’s ego will survive without any coverage of his comings & goings. People should also not respond to his tweets! We know his supports will but the rest of us should just ignore him!!!! He will go crazy because whether it’s negative or positive he feeds off the news. He needs the attention. Don’t give it to him! Go tit for tat with him and see how he likes it.

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