A Native American Congresswoman just broke the internet responding to MAGA teens harassing Native American vet

Want to make America great again? QUIT harassing people that are different than you and remember how and why America came into existence. This is beyond disgusting. ENOUGH.

I would love to read a comment from the parents and the school. The school withdrew all avenues for contacting them except by snail mail. I guess the parents are hiding, too. Maybe they’re proud?

The name of the kid in front of the video is Michael Hodge. They had a post about him on their FB page, saying he wants to be a chef and plans to go to Cincinnati State next year.

Cincinnati State Admission:
(513) 861-7700

Their School:
Covington Catholic High School
Principal: Robert Rowe
(859) 491-2247
Fax (859) 448-2242

Their Diocese:
Diocese of Covington
1125 Madison Ave.
Covington, KY 41011-3115
(859) 392-1500
Email: info@covdio.org

Diocesan Board of Catholic Education
Superintendent: Michael Clines
(859) 392-1500
Email: mclines@covdio.org

Assistant Superintendent: Karen McGuire
Email: kmcguire@covdio.org

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