7 Best Gas Grills Under $300

Grilling is popular for many reasons. Some people will say that it has to do with the distinctive taste it gives the food. For many, grilling is part of the American way of life. Gatherings with friends and family, cookouts, tailgate parties and other events make a grill an indispensable tool. A lot of people dream about getting a large grill with all the features that make it like a mini kitchen. However, for the ultimate grilling experience, portability is a key factor.

In most cases, the best gas grills under $300 can perform just as well as the larger, more expensive types. The only thing most lower-priced grills lack is the extra features and additional burners. When looking for the best portable grill in 2022 that is under $300, also include lower fuel consumption and limited space. Naturally, anyone who wants to save money on the best small gas grill should be focused on quality as well.

Whether you only need to cook for a small group, prefer the convenience of portability or just want to save money, here are some of the best gas grills you can find for less than $300.

Best Gas Grills Under $300

Blackstone 1554Best Overall
Weber 51010001 Q1200Best Overall
Char-Broil 463377319 PerformanceOutdoor
Char-Griller E3001 GrillinHome Use
Napoleon TQ285-RD-A Travelq 285Best Portable
Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-DSmall
Megamaster Grill 720-0983Best Budget

Blackstone 1554 Gas Grill


Aside from the stylish look and its size, this griddle station also offers the kind of performance that grillers need. It has a quick ignition button and four independently controlled burners with superior temperature control. It is relatively large, but can be easily moved around on its four heavy-duty casters. The 720 square inches of cooking space makes this the best flat top grill for large outdoor gatherings. As expected of a grill of this quality, there is a grease management system that keeps cooking sessions from becoming messy. This unit offers good heat retention and even cooking.

  • The legs can be folded, which helps in storing the unit.
  • The rolled steel surface distributes heat evenly, so there won’t be sections of the food that are under-cooked.
  • This unit can be assembled quickly.
  • There have been instances of the griddle becoming warped.
  • The grease collection system is located towards the rear of the unit making accessing it somewhat awkward. Grease can also sometimes run down the legs of the unit.

Weber 51010001 Q1200 Propane Grill

Anyone who is searching for the best portable grill should take a look at the Weber 51010001 Q1200. This small grill is made of cast aluminum, and this means that the unit is lightweight and sturdy. This also helps it to handle high temperatures. The special shape of the shroud was made so that this grill not only maintains high temperatures but also effective keeps the heat in. This heat retention ability gives you food that is evenly cooked. The single burner provides 8,500 BTUs of heating power to a 189 square inch cooking space. Varying burner control valve settings and a quick start ignition are other features of this unit that is usually found with larger, more expensive grills. The porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates keep food from sticking, and are easy to clean. This unit is ideal for cooking on balconies or small patios. The grease management system minimizes clean up after use.

  • It has fold-out side tables, making it convenient to use, and easy to store.
  • At 29 pounds, it is extremely portable and can be used almost anywhere.
  • It has split grates, so a griddle can be purchased to turn it into a griddle/grill combo.
  • There is a built in thermometer for monitoring the internal temperature while cooking.
  • Due to its size, this grill takes longer to heat up.
  • People who like seared meats will have to wait a little longer than they would with larger grills.

Char-Broil 463377319 Performance Gas Grill


Despite its size, this portable grill is comparable to others that cost much more. The stainless steel finish is the first indicator of quality and longevity. This also gives this unit a sleek look that makes it the perfect addition most decor, whether it is used outside or inside. The interior of the Char-Broil 463377329 is also durable on the inside with its porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. It also has a porcelain-coated grease pan that prevents flare-ups and minimizes spills. The four burners combine for a total of 36,000 BTUs. The 10,000 BTU side burner also makes cooking speedier and more convenient. Like many modern grills, this one has a quick start electric ignition to get the cooking started quickly. The 425-square inch cooking surface makes whipping up a meal for roughly 12 people a breeze. The two side shelves add to the convenience as there is plenty of prep space.

  • With the built-in temperature gauge it is easy to maintain heat levels and keep food from burning.
  • Flames come down from the top to help cook food evenly.
  • This grill is made for continuous use, that is, it can be used for an extended period.
  • The grease pan can be removed for easier clean-ups.
  • When the lid is open, heavy wind can cause the grill to fall over.
  • It has no tool hooks.

Char-Griller E3001 Grillin Gas Grill

With a basic but competent design and solid construction, the Char-Griller E3001is perfect for first-time and experienced grillers, alike. These are just a few of the factors that make it one of the best outdoor grills you can find for less than $300. The black finish gives it a unique and classy look when compared to other types of grills. Users can have confidence in the strength and durability of its steel frame. Like many of the best natural gas grills, it has an electric ignition to get it started quickly. The main grilling surface is 438 square inches, but the 192 square inch warming rack gives lots of extra space. The 40,800 BTUs of cooking power makes this grill suitable for a variety of foods and the heat will be evenly distributed. It weighs less than 100 pounds and has two wheels, so it is easy to move around, and there are two legs to provide stability. Overall, this grill is true to the quality of the Char Griller brand.

  • Utensil hooks will help in keeping the workspace organized.
  • FIt has a 12,000 BTU side burner.
  • The powder finish makes this grill suitable for long-term outdoor use.
  • The base has a hole for holding a propane tank, which also helps to keep it stable.
  • The protection plate over the flames can sometimes get clogged with grease.
  • Shutting off the fuel tank when the grill is hot can be difficult.

Napoleon TQ285-RD-A Gas Grill

Anyone concerned about limited space but still wanting a good grilling experience will need to find a Napoleon grills like this one when looking for the best portable grill. This compact unit is easy to transport and makes cooking at tailgate parties and other outdoor activities easy and convenient.  When choosing the best propane grill in this price range, performance is what matters, and the TQ285-RD-A Travelq 285 from Napoleon has two individually controlled burners that offer a combined 12,000 BTUs of heat. The 285-square in cooking surface is adequate for preparing up to 18 hamburgers at the same time. The cast aluminum body is light but durable. The porcelainized cast iron cooking grids will keep food from sticking and are easy to clean. This small grill is so versatile it can be used for baking, roasting and smoking. This is definitely the little grill that can!

  • The burner style allows indirect as well as direct heating.
  • The lid deflects wind to keep the flames from going out.
  • It has legs that fold in and out quickly.
  • The grids can be swapped out for a cast iron griddle.
  • Since it is light enough to be carried, care has to be taken to avoid heavy objects hitting it as it can be dented.
  • The handles and knobs are made of light plastic.

Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D Gas Grill


The space saving design of this grill will appeal to anyone who has a small patio or who has limited backyard space. Aside from the compact design, it has collapsible side shelves. It can be easily stored when it is not being used. The heavy gauge porcelain enameled cast iron coking grates ensure effective heat retention. The primary cooking area is 390 square inches, and it has a 117 square inch warming rack. A wide range of control valves gives the chef the ability to prepare a variety of meals. The burners are stainless steel, and these are shielded by heat tents. Each burner provides 12,000 BTUs of cooking power, and the quick-start ignition gets it going quickly.

  • The double walled lid keeps heat loss to a minimum.
  • This grill comes with tool hooks and towel bars which help to boost efficiency.
  • The built in temperature gauge ensures that food will be cooked to perfection.
  • It has a cabinet for storing the propane tank.
  • The grease tray is deep so it is easy to avoid spills.
  • Some parts are prone to rusting, so this grill requires a bit more maintenance than comparable types.

Megamaster Grill 720-0983 Propane Gas Grill


This grill delivers as much value for money as many of the more expensive types. The primary cooking area is 543 square inches. Combine this with a warming rack that is 210 square inches and it is clear that this is one of the best propane grills in terms of performance. The six burners provide 54,000 BTUs of heat, and is supported by a rapid start ignition. It is not in the portable grill category, but it has two wheels that enable it to be moved around with minimal effort. It has a cart design with a hole for the propane tank, and the shape of the lid promises effective heat regulation and retention.

  • The built in, easy to read temperature gauge helps in monitoring heat levels.
  • The two large side shelves are both 13 inches, offering the cook plenty of prep space.
  • A removable grease catcher will keep the cooking area from becoming messy.
  • It is not made from heavy gauge steel so it does not reach the level of sturdiness that most users demand.

It might come as a surprise to many that they can expect top performance from a grill that costs less than $300. As manufacturers strive to compete for the attention of amateur and professional chefs, they will continue to make improvements to existing products. They recognize as well, that there is an increasing demand for portability. More people want the best gas grills that they can take on picnics or camping trips. This does not mean that the best gas grills under $300 will all be portable. However, even if they are not portable, users should be able to change the location of the grill without too much hassle. Portable grills should heat up well and cook food evenly.

Spending less than $300 on a grill does not mean that you have to compromise where quality is concerned. Even small grills are expected to be used in outdoor settings, so exposure to the elements has to be taken into account. Choose the best BBQ grill that is less prone to rust, and that is easy to clean. No one wants to be left with a big clean-up job. One suggestion to keep in mind is that it may be worthwhile purchasing extras like grill covers to shield your grill when it is not being used. Lower priced grills are usually not as durable as larger types, so they may require more care to help them last longer.

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