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Ever since the Segway briefly revolutionized transportation, the public has developed an appetite for products that make it easier and more enjoyable to move around. The initial excitement for this device eventually died out, even though they are still being used. These days, it is the hoverboard that is capturing the public’s attention. While the base is similar to the Segway, the hoverboard lacks the steer frame and handlebars, but it has the same self-balancing functionality.

The name hoverboard is inspired by the Back to the Future film franchise. However, in the film, the board has no wheels and actually floats a few inches above the ground. This device, despite the name, is actually a scooter that is propelled by the rider’s weight. As more manufacturers of these devices enter the market, questions continue to arise about safety and quality. Taking the time to search for the best self-balancing scooters will be time well spent. Poorly made hoverboards increase the risk of injury. Other good reasons to be wary of these products are poor battery life, and the possibility of shoddy materials. Low-quality brands may also lack the stability necessary for a smooth ride. These are some of the best hoverboards 2020 based on current trends.

Take a Look at all the Amazing Best Hoverboards

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TOMOLOO Hoverboard Self BalancingRead Customer Reviews
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TOMOLOO Hoverboard 

Anyone looking for the best hoverboard for kids and adults should take a look at this one. It meets the industry’s highest safety standards, and meets all certification requirements. LED lighting gives this hoverboard an even more attractive profile. The changing light colors are especially appealing to children. The lights match the rhythm of the music, pumping up the fun element. It has a durable shell which is resistant to high temperatures. The top cruising speed of 12 kmh is more than enough for most users. Despite its sturdy construction, this hoverboard is easy to carry. With a downloadable app, you can have even more control over the device. Users can expect a responsive unit that they can quickly learn to use.

  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 165 pounds.
  • This hoverboard weighs only 17.6 pounds.
  • The design enables surround sound when the music is playing.
  • There is only one color option for this model.
  • Some users are disappointed with the battery life, although this varies depending on the weight of the rider.

TOMOLOO Hoverboard Self Balancing

This scooter is verified as having met established safety standards. For increased safety for the rider, the shell was designed to be heat and fire resistant. Pricewise, this self-balancing electronic scooter will not fit the bill for someone who wants the best hoverboard under $200, but the higher price is justified by the quality. It has large wheels for nearly unmatched stability and it can support up to 265 pounds. This self-balancing scooter is easy to operate, and special acceleration sensors make it more responsive. It has a maximum speed of 10 mph.

  • Users can quickly enable the Bluetooth connection.
  • The speakers have excellent sound quality, and it is easy to adjust the volume.
  • The battery has overcharging and short circuit protection.
  • At roughly 20 pounds, it will not be easy for smaller children to carry.
  • Hitting bumps while riding can sometimes cause minor damage to the hoverboard.

JOLEGE Self Balancing Hoverboard

Dual 300W motors can take this hoverboard up to speeds of 6 mph. The self-balancing system and easy learning curve make this one of the best hoverboards for kids. The battery and electrical systems adhere to all safety standards. This JOLEGE hoverboard is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The sturdy wheels will take a long time to show signs of wear, making this a durable scooter. The LED lighting system adds to the already colorful shell for a spectacular visual display. Most users get the basics of handling this hoverboard in just minutes. This hoverboard should make any list of the best hoverboards under $200.

  • You will not have to wait too long for the battery to fully charge.
  • The speakers have good quality sound.
  • The Bluetooth connection is reliable.
  • While it can be used outdoors, it is sensitive to cracks and bumps on the surface.
  • Some users are disappointed at how long the battery lasts.

Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard Electric Scooter

This hoverboard can zip along at a top speed of 9 mph on 6.6 inch wheels. The sturdy construction means you can expect a safe ride and long-lasting electric scooter. It runs smoothly, and has an attractive design that will appeal to both kids and adults. The built in 36 V Lithium Ion battery that powers this ride will never be at risk of overcharging thanks to the special protection feature. This lengthens the battery’s life and protects the electrical system. The built in Bluetooth speakers make it even more enjoyable to use. You can download a smartphone app to give you more control and additional options when using the hoverboard. With a range of roughly nine miles, everyone in the family, 13 years and up, can get their turn taking a ride. It operates quietly, so there is no need to turn the volume up to listen to music.

  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 264 pounds.
  • It only takes 2 and a half hours to charge the battery fully.
  • The smartphone app allows riders to adjust the music, change the lighting, and switch the hoverboard mode.
  • This hoverboard is certified as being water resistant.
  • Some hoverboards in this range have wheels that protrude slightly beyond the bumpers. This can cause them to scratch walls in tight spaces.

OXA Hoverboard – Self Balancing Scooter

The first thing you will notice is that this hoverboard lacks the sleek design fans of this product have come to expect. Don’t be fooled by the look, as this could be the best hoverboard under $200. The Intelligent Control system will have you riding in just a few minutes. It is highly responsive, and can adjust to changes in the rider’s center of gravity. This enables a stable and safe riding experience. The charging time is 3 hours, after which you can travel for roughly 17 km. It has a more durable body than many other hoverboards, and with a weight capacity of more than 300 pounds, this is a workhorse when compared to many other units. It is easy to keep clean as it is water resistant. The overheat protection feature should give any user peace of mind. It was designed to be the best hoverboard for adults and kids.

  • This powerful unit has a 45 degree climb.
  • It has built in over speed protection for the safety of the rider.
  • This hoverboard as two riding modes; one for beginners and one for the more experienced riders.
  • The higher mode does not have the auto self-balancing feature.
  • The lights are not as bright as those available on some other hoverboards.

SISIGAD Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

Despite its price, this hoverboard performs just as well as more expensive types. The electrical system meets established industry standards. The bright LED lighting enhances the colorful shell, turning the unit into an attractive visual display. With the built-in wireless speaker you can connect to any compatible device and listen to audio books or music. Beginners will need very little time to get the hang of riding the SISIGAD hoverboard.  It can handle a maximum weight of 200 pounds, so this can be fun for the entire family. It charges quickly, and is powered by dual 300 watt motors. You can expect a range of 9 miles on a full battery charge.

  • It has shock-absorbing pedals that help to provide a smoother ride.
  • High quality rubber tires minimize the risk of slipping.
  • The range of the Bluetooth could be improved.
  • Some users are disappointed in the battery life.

City Cruiser Scooter Hover Board

If you want a safer experience for beginners, this scooter’s self-balancing technology provides this. Its bright lights help to enhance every ride and make it fun for children. Connect with the Bluetooth to play your favorite music as you whizz around. Kids will find this scooter easy to learn to ride. A full battery charge will give a range of roughly six miles, which ensure that everyone in the family can get a fair amount of riding time. It has rugged looking wheels that are clearly meant to handle outdoor terrain. The City Cruiser has a stylish look and the electrical system is fully certified, making this safe for riders.

  • It has a scratch and fade resistant finish so it should retain its look even after a few bumps.
  • The shell and wheels are durable.
  • Users may be disappointed that it can only handle slopes of up to 10 degrees.
  • The top speed of 6 mph is great for kids, but some adults may find this boring.

UNI-SUN Chrome Hoverboard

The name alone suggests that this could be in the running in the best hoverboard for kids’ category. Like any competing product, it has a Bluetooth connection that allows the user to add some music to their riding fun. There are powerful LED lights at the front as well as lights in the wheels, making this one of the most visually appealing hoverboards you can find. The sturdy tires help to make this hoverboard even safer for young riders. It is efficiently powered by dual 300-watt hub motors that deliver high performance. This hoverboard is highly responsive, which is important for the littlest riders who are trying this device for the first time. Parents can also have the peace of mind of knowing that this hoverboard is backed by after-sales service.

  • It has an impressive 30-degree climbing angle.
  • It has a maximum speed is 9 mph, beating many competing products.
  • It has a self-balancing system which helps children to adapt quickly.
  • It has sturdy wheels, but it is not the best choice for off-road use.

People look for the best self-balancing scooters not just for fun and the look, but also to help them move around safely. Whether you want the best hoverboard for kids or the best hoverboards for adults, the selection criteria is the same. Some of the features of a good hoverboard are sturdy construction, quality materials, and wheels with great traction, a powerful motor and adherence to safety standards. Wireless connectivity is always a major selling point where the best hoverboards are concerned. Everyone likes the idea of being able to link their devices so they can have access to music or audiobooks. As with any electronic device, there will always be products made of substandard materials. This means that purchasing without first doing some research can end up in the buyer not only wasting money, it could prove dangerous for riders.

Hoverboards are available in different price ranges. This mean there are many budget-friendly models as well as more expensive brands. However, this does not mean that one advertised as the best hoverboard under $100 is automatically a good buy. When buying hoverboards regardless of the price, it is important to make sure that it comes from a reputable manufacturer. The hoverboard should also adhere to standards for electrical systems and the motors. This way, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product that will provide value for money for years to come. It also helps to choose a brand that offers after-sales customer service so you can report any problems you may be experiencing. An important thing to keep in mind when using this mode of transport is the use of safety gear. These gears include Helmets, elbow pads and knee pads can help to prevent injuries if they fall from the board.  This is especially important for children hen riding a hoverboard.

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