10 Best Skateboards for Kids

Skateboarding is no doubt an interesting sport. It is also a great way to exercise, make friends and improve one’s balance. These days, more children are looking up to professional skateboarders with high regard and want to follow their example.

If your kid(s) have shown interest in skateboarding, why not gift them a quality skateboard on their next birthday or some other special celebration. This way, you would be kickstarting their journey to achieving their dreams. This article will list out and review the 10 best skateboards for kids available in the market today, so you can choose one that will best meet your child’s needs.

Best Skateboards for Kids –Top Picks

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RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

The Rimable Complete 22skateboard is quite trendy for their dazzling graphics. It comes with exciting color combinations that will make your kid’s friends green with envy. Aside from impressive designs, another reason you should opt for the Rimable Complete 22 is that it is fitted with 3-inch trunks all produced from solid aluminum giving them high durability, even during flips. It is also an ideal option for both kids and adults, thanks to its smooth bearings and PU wheels.

Key Features:

  1. Extremely smooth PU wheel plus high-speed bearing
  2. Rimable Plastic Cruiser comes completely assembled
  3. Can carry a max load of 198 pounds (90 kilograms)
  4. Top-quality three inches Thick Aluminum Trucks

If you want your kid to join the skateboarding community with style, you should definitely consider getting him or her the 22″ skateboard made by RIMABLE. It is fitted with 3-inch thick aluminum trucks and the deck is 6 inches thick. These features allow for maximum control and speed. It is available in a wide range of patterns and colors for that additional cool touch, and the price will not hurt your pocket, as it is comparatively affordable.

The skateboard will aslo support several adults because it is crafted to carry as much as 198 pounds. It is a fantastic board that provides an effortless ride.

  • Solid and long-lasting wheels
  • Lightweight and simple to control
  • Ideal for various types of riders
  • Available in a wide variety of graphics and color options
  • Smooth rolling bearings
  • Not suitable for use on rough streets or terrains

MEKETEC Skateboards Complete 22 Inch

This plastic cruiser comes completely assembled and is easy to ride. Measuring only 22.5 inches and with a weight of 3.8 pounds, it has a compact body that can easily fit into your bag. You can go anywhere with it for skateboarding and commuting, and is ideal for beginners, adults and kids.

Key Features:

  1. Fitted with 3.25-inch trucks in a variety of colors
  2. Built to support as much as 200 pounds
  3. Built with a compacted body so you can easily take it anywhere you go

If you are searching for an efficient and long-lasting skateboard, then you should opt for this well-built skateboard by Meketec. It is the best skateboard for 8 year old but it is also appropriate for use by professional riders and adults.

The board is constructed to support up to 220 pounds, and has a width of 6″ and length of 22.5″. It can be ridden on rough streets and other terrains, thanks to its four soft and smooth wheels. You can be sure your kid will always enjoy a stable ride with this board as the deck is made of strong polypropylene parts.

  • It is an ideal holiday gift for kids boys youth beginners
  • Available in a broad variety of colors so you can select one that fits your taste
  • Has a compacted body so it can easily slip into your backpack
  • It is highly durable
  • Has comparatively thin trucks

Merkapa 22 Inch Complete Skateboard

Light-up skateboards are a popular choice among many people and there are good reasons for this. Aside from their aesthetic properties on the road, they serve many safety functions as well. For this reason, the Merkapa 22-inch skateboard fitted with lighting up wheels is arguably the best skateboards for kids available in the market.

Key Features:

  1. Fitted with 3.25-inch v truck and base. The trucks are made of heavy-duty top-quality aluminum
  2. Comes with top quality, soft and large wheels fantastic for speeding
  3. Cool Light up wheels that require no charge and operates without batteries

There are a number of reasons why the Merkapa 22-inch Complete Skateboard is the best skateboard for 6 year old. To start with, the deck is fitted with a variety of bright colors, which your kid will definitely love. And, the wheels of the board is fitted with several LED lights which switches on as soon as the wheels begins rolling. Once you purchase this skateboard, you are set to hit the road as it comes completely assembled.

While the Merkapa 22-inch Complete Skateboard is not designed for master skateboarders, it can be utilized by adults as well. Nevertheless, the deck can support no more than 180 pounds (82 kilograms), thus the board is not suitable for people who weigh more than that. Furthermore, your kid can take the skateboard anywhere he/she goes, as the body is compacted and extremely lightweight.

This skateboard from Merkapa is reasonably priced compared other similar models available in the market. It comes with very solid and smooth wheels, which makes it ideal for use on smooth surfaces such as skate parks.

  • Very solid wheels and smooth bearing
  • Flamboyant and fantastic deck
  • Wheel is fitted with LED lights that do not need batteries to operate
  • Riders cannot execute flip tricks with this board, as the deck is unbendable

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser

This skateboard made by Magneto is a superb introduction to beginner skaters with every component designed for fun and versatility. It is equipped with a double kicktail, which enhances the conventional skating style. With its compact footprint and short deck, this skateboard is head-turner designed for cruising around.

Key Features:

  1. Canadian maple deck plus top-quality components
  2. Sand grit finish above to firmly grip your feet as well as display the maple deck
  3. Equipped with double kick-tails for enhanced versatility and fun
  4. Compacted body and easy to ride

If you are searching for the best skateboard for 7 year old, this is a great option you should include in your list. It is a fantastic pick for the finest mini cruiser skateboard made to meet the needs of kids.

The Magneto Mini Cruiser has a wheelbase of just 18 inches and a length of 27.5 inches making it quite compact and portable. Thus, you can easily take it with you anywhere you go. The deck strength and durability of this amazing board is also top-notch. This is because it is crafted using 6-ply Canadian maple. Several top choices for the finest cruiser skateboards are also made of this material.

The trucks are made from cast aluminum, which helps to keep the overall weight of the deck minimal. The wheels are produced using polyurethane. This makes them ideal for use on various surfaces.

The Magneto Mini Cruiser is designed to be long lasting and has bold designs that you can use to express your character.

  • Good grip on smooth surfaces
  • Highly affordable
  • Good quality deck
  • Versatile- thanks to its double kicktail plus medium concave feature
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Not suitable for use on downhill areas
  • Not appropriate for tall individuals
  • Short lasting bearings

Wonnv Retro Mini Cruiser 22 inch Complete Skateboard

Wonnv joined the skateboard manufacturing business in 2013 to produce first-rate penny-style skateboards. The company employs firm quality control measures to ensure all their products perform as expected. The Wonnv Retro Mini Cruiser is perhaps the finest 22 inches skateboard available in the market today. It is the ideal size for beginners – particularly younger kids who are eager to join this difficult and exciting sport.

Key Features:

  1. Fitted with 22 inches long and 6 inches wide flexible non-slip polypropylene deck, which makes it quite sturdy and durable
  2. Made using ABEC-7 top speed bearings, which ensures super smooth plus fast ride
  3. Soft polyurethane wheels that help decrease vibration and produces amazing glides

One amazing aspect of this skateboard’s deck is the graphics. The deck’s fascinating patterns and exciting colors makes the Retro Mini Cruiser look absolutely stunning on the streets. Aside from its fine looks, the deck is quite sturdy and durable, as it is produced from top-quality polypropylene. The board’s well-built deck can bear as much as 220 pounds, and despite this, it is quite portable and lightweight.

Another fantastic feature of the Retro Cruiser from Wonnv is its versatility. It is appropriate for use by all skateboarders regardless of the skill level. Kids can ride it for exercise and fun and adults who use it will definitely discover a new method of having fun.

  • Made of long-lasting materials
  • Fitted with abec-7 top-speed bearings
  • Lightweight
  • The company offers a two months guarantee and refund in the event of issues with quality
  • Reasonably priced
  • The length is quite short

Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete 31 Inch

This skateboard from Punisher is among the top-rated in the market and comes highly recommended. Punisher was established in the year 2008 and has the goal of producing graphically gratifying skateboards with designs that reverberate with the user on a very deep level. The board comes with a first-rate deck profile that allows for great control whenever riding, turning or performing other skateboarding tricks. If you are looking for an ideal board to boost your kid’s skateboarding ability, then the Butterfly Jive from Punisher has the right size to meet your child’s needs.

Key Features:

  1. Complete first-rate double kickboard skateboard produced from 7-Ply Canadian Maple
  2. Punisher ABEC-7 Top Speed Wheel Bearings
  3. Mild Concave Skateboard deck which permits fantastic control whilst riding.
  4. Comes fully assembled
  5. 80AB Heavy-Duty Grip Tape on one side and complete color graphics adorning the other side

The Butterfly Jive’s geometric design places it among the best skateboards for kids whether girls or boys. It comes with rich and colorful patterns that will make you or your kid stand out from the crowd with confidence and pride.

The board has a total weight of approximately 7 pounds and measures approximately 32 inches by 9 inches. Its concave deck shape ensures the skateboard can be used by anyone weighing not more than 200 pounds. Furthermore, the deck’s shape helps ensure your feet does not stray from the board when riding.

The Butterfly Jive from Punisher is also highly durable and lightweight at the same time. This is thanks to the Canadian Maple used in its construction. Skateboards produced using Canadian Maple are typically flexible and possesses excellent endurance qualities. These features make it easier for the user to execute many tricks. In addition, riding on bumpy or rough terrains is made a lot simpler.

If you are searching for a long-lasting skateboard that will not hurt your pockets, then the Butterfly Jive may be your best option. Its superior craftmanship and fantastic design ensures great value for your money.

  • The skateboard comes completely assembled
  • It is a stylish and ergonomic skateboard
  • Can bear as much as 200 pounds weight
  • Concave Pro Deck
  • Could do with stronger deck

SKITCH Complete Skateboard Gift Set 22 Inch

Skitch skateboards cater to the requirements of adults, kids, and even advanced skateboarders. For kids who are just starting out with skateboarding, they typically concentrate on understanding how to advance forward, stop the board, and move downhill, as well as negotiating curves. The skitch 22-inch mini cruiser skateboard has all the features to meet the requirements of learners at that stage.

Key Features:

  1. Lightweight and completely modifiable for safer speeds, making it the best skateboard for 6 year old and older kids
  2. Comes complete with a customized design skateboard backpack, tote bag and skate tool
  3. Top traction gel skateboard wheels, retro design skateboard trucks plus smooth carving skateboard bushings ensures it is premium quality
  4. Completely modifiable for bigger riders- thanks to its high-quality bearings

This mini cruiser skateboard from Skitch has a length of 22 inches. Owing to its compact size, you can conveniently place it within your traveling bag or backpack. Furthermore, the deck is fairly strong, as it is crafted using top quality materials.

The deck is designed to support as much as 210 pounds and is somewhat flexible. In addition, riders can easily negotiate tight curves and turns – thanks to the deck’s compacted size. The skateboard can easily be adjusted with the aid of the modification tools that are included in the package.

The skitch 22-inch mini cruiser skateboard is essentially a gift package bundle that is appropriate for all ages. This is because you will find a tote bage, a skateboard bag pack in addition to skate tools within the mini cruiser package. Aside from that, the bearings and wheels are manufactured using first-rate materials. They are designed to give the user a great riding experience. The skateboard arrives completely assembled with quality parts such as trucks, bushings and other important accessories. And the best part is that it comes reasonably priced considering its state-of-the-art engineering.

  • Modifiable bushings which allows the user customize to the desired flexibility
  • Firmer wheels, which permits graceful rolling with great balance
  • Better modifiable bearings that enable users to attain greater speeds at a shorter time interval
  • Board has chippable paint

POWELL GOLDEN DRAGON Diamond Dragon 3 Complete Skateboard

The Powell Golden Dragon offers some pleasant artistic features and some fantastic functionality for any level of user. They are the ideal first skateboard for newbies as well as smart option for cost-conscious advanced riders. Made in China utilizing Powell Golden Dragon’s maple veneer source, AirLam presses, plus glue supplier, the deck from this brand is among the finest produced Asia.

.Key Features:

  1. Fitted with precision chromium steel bearings which are oiled with speed cream
  2. The wheels feature high rebound hand-cast polyurethane, which makes for fantastic grip and roll
  3. Trucks are made from cast aluminum plus carbon steel axle, in addition to kingpin & high rebound polyurethane cushions that ensures easy turning
  4. Comes with die-cut grip tape and complete color top graphic

If you are looking for the best skateboard for kids that is durable and aesthetically-pleasing, then you cannot go wrong with the Powell Golden Dragon Diamond Dragon 3 Complete Skateboard. The board is made utilizing an AirLam process, which compresses the material at a high degree of pressure.

This unique manufacturing process produces a skateboard that can support as much as 200 pounds weight. The trucks of this unique board are made using cast aluminum, which ensures a reasonable level of sturdiness while remaining lightweight.

The skateboard has a distinctive appearance that takes on the impression of fierce dragons. This fashionable graphic will surely stand the rider out within the skatepark. Grip tape adorns the upper part of the board while the center has an image of another fiery dragon. All these features are what gives the Skateboard its distinctive appearance.

The wheels of the Powell Golden Dragon are produced using high rebound plus hand-cast polyurethane. The use of these materials in its construction gives the board an excellent roll performance. While the Powell Golden Dragon skateboard is not the most maneuverable board available in the market, it is a reasonably reliable skateboard for general maneuverability.

The board is designed to be used for skating stunts and jumps, as well as wedge ramps. Some of the features that make executing skating tricks possible comprise a grippy surface at the upper part of the board, a concave deck, which helps to keep the rider’s feet on the board, as well as carbon steel axles that provides reinforced strength.

  • The wheels are made of sturdy materials which allows for fantastic tricks
  • Has a very grippy surface that trick fans will love
  • The wheels are sufficiently wide to give beginners good balance on the board
  • Stylish graphic at the board’s base, which gives it a distinctive look
  • Reasonably priced compared to other models in the market
  • Not suitable for people who weigh more than 200 pounds
  • Not the finest board for cruising as the wheels are a bit small for that purpose

SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard

SkateXS Skateboards is a company that is based in Carlsbad, California. They are experts in manufacturing top quality skateboards for children aged five to twelve. These boards feature first-rate components as other top brand models made for professional skateboarders. Nevertheless, what stands SkateXS boards out from other brands is that their skateboards are sized particularly for younger skaters. If you are looking for the best skateboard for 9 year old or customizable skateboard for children, then the SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard may be an excellent option

Key Features

  1. Deck is designed to be lightweight and long-lasting
  2. The skateboard is specifically sized for kids thus making skateboarding safer, simpler and more exciting
  3. Comes with top name brand components

This skateboard from SkateXS is extremely child friendly. It comes with a panda cover, which is available in a range of colors. Furthermore, the board comes in 3 size batches and these are sizes recommended for ages: 11-12, 8-10 and 5-7.

The SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard is designed to be durable and tough. It is produced from bamboo, which makes it sufficiently light to be easily moved around by children.

In addition, the skateboard allows for a high degree of customizability. It offers a variety of color options and there is even an option to print the child’s name on the board itself. It comes with a fantastic grip tape and the product compares favorably to boards made for professional skateboarders.

  • It features distinctive artwork
  • It is specifically sized for children
  • It is durable
  • Has premium grip tape
  • Bamboo pro Deck which makes the entire board lightweight
  • A variety of colors to select from
  • The skateboard is not available in complete size
  • Wheels are somewhat too soft

Penny Skateboards Nickel Standard Skateboards, 27 Inch

This skateboard comes with a variety of themed skins so you can choose one that suits your kid’s taste. Each skin is appropriate for both girls and boys so you will not have a difficult time choosing one. Every Penny Skateboard is crafted with the top most quality raw materials as well as passionate attention to detail. If you are looking for a good-looking skateboard that gives great performance, then consider choosing the Penny Skateboard. It will definitely surpass all of your expectations.

Key Features:

  1. Light weight
  2. Penny Wheels
  3. Penny Trucks

The Penny Nickel 27 inches Skateboard is appropriate for both kids and teenagers. This is because it is neither too small nor too big, measuring 27 inches by 6 inches. Kids enjoy doing tricks on skateboards and they will find this one most suitable. When it comes to skateboarding, safety is a top concern. To ensure kid’s safety, the Penny Nickel 27 inches Skateboard is fitted with a dependable anti-slippery deck.

When you skate above ramps and gaps, you can be sure you will land steadily and firmly – thanks to the boards solid Trucks plus 90A bushing. The skateboard comes with soft and large plastic wheels, which ensures your kid is properly balanced on the board. The Penny Nickel 27 inches Skateboard is both durable and lightweight. This is made possible by its stainless steel ABEC-7 bearing.

  • Fitted with anti-slippery deck designs
  • Available in a wide variety of fantastic designs
  • Has a flexible plastic deck
  • Provides the rider with easy control plus smooth riding experience
  • Not suitable for advanced riders

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