Here’s How You Plan the Perfect Bicycle Tour

These days, almost everyone is looking for a way to escape the daily pressures of life. Activities that fall outside the mainstream like snowboarding, kayaking and mountain biking are attracting more enthusiasts. You can plan a bicycle trip for the Outback or in any other area with rugged terrain. For it to be a success however, proper planning will be essential.

Prepare Yourself Physically

If you are not used to cycling for long distances a sudden trip can be tough on the body. The terrain of the outback can be unforgiving for first-timers. If you have never ridden in this area, it might not be wise to plan a long trip. You can get ready by riding regularly, extending the distance a bit each time. You should be certain that you are capable of managing the distance proposed for your biking trip.

Essential Gear and Equipment

Do not undertake this trip unless you have everything you need to ensure the safety of everyone involved. These items include:

  • Safety gear: helmets, elbow pads and knee pads are important for riding on bumpy terrain
  • A map: this will keep you from getting lost in unfamiliar areas. Many Outback tour companies sell maps to people visiting the area
  • First aid kit: spills are almost inevitable, so you should have a kit on hand to deal with cuts and scrapes
  • Bike rack: whether you drive a car or an SUV, you can find a bike rack to fit it. For added convenience, choose one that can hold up to three bicycles.
  • GPS: navigation systems are largely optional, but they can be vital if you get lost. Note that not all service providers may cover this area, so make some checks first.

Planning the Trip

It is best to plan a trip that will not take you too deep into the Outback on your first trip. If you are traveling with a group, make sure that everyone undergoes the same physical preparation unless they are experienced riders. If you’re not interested in working out the details yourself, book your trip with one of the companies that offer Outback tours. Use the map to work out your route, and possibly a secondary route just in case the first one is blocked for some reason. You should know the starting point and the end point of the trip. Decide how much water and possibly food you will need.

At the very least, it would be a good idea to hire a guide to help you navigate this region on your biking trip if you are a first-timer. Everyone should agree on the distance, and on how many hours or days the trip should last. If you will be traveling alone, be sure to let friends and family know where you will be going, even if you are a skilled rider.

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