Bill Maher Just Shut Up Every Trump Supporter with One Sentence No One Else Would Say ! Watch

So true. I keep seeing/hearing from people that say ‘I didn’t leave the R party, the R party left me’, I hope my R relatives around here (TX) will, if they haven’t already. The just watch Faux News and I know they are so ill-informed.

If any Fox viewer is curious enough about what the Democrats have to say they can simply leave Fox News for one whole hour, if they can stand it, and switch to CNN or CNBC or MSNBC (or wherever) like a fucking responsible adult who cares about issues facing our country and who wants to know what Democrats plan to do about them. If that’s too much to ask then so be it.

Thank you Bill Maher. But the problem is the ignorant Trump supporters have blinders on and cannot handle the truth! It is amazing how much the most corrupt President in history has gotten away with already. Oh and now he wants to cut the Education budget $7.1 Billion?



Imagine the republican outrage if Obama had been caught on tape bragging about getting away with molesting women because he was rich and famous. Imagine the republican outrage if Obama had promised to show his taxes and then didn’t. Imagine the Republican outrage if Obama got caught paying off a hooker, or invited Russian diplomats into the White House and banned press coverage…..this list is getting very long.

Donald Trump doesn’t read, doesn’t listen, and refuses to learn. He has no understanding of government, diplomacy, empathy, compassion, or basic English syntax.



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