Breaking: The pro-Trump manifesto of tonight’s New Zealand mosque mass shooter just surfaced

A horrifying scene unfolded tonight when an anti-immigration white supremacist marched into the Masjid al-Noor mosque, full of worshippers for Friday prayers, in Christchurch, New Zealand and opened fire with an automatic rifle.

God please hold those victims in your light, and walk beside the family members friends and loved ones who lost someone to this maniac. We are truly a divided country/world .tRump is spreading his hatred around the world. Be proud Republicans.If this would have happened in a church by a middle eastern Muslim this would go as terrorist attack.shame how media is saying it as mass shootings and not an act of terrorism.

RIP to people who lost their life..Trump doesn’t care. He incites violence daily.just like he did today! Can we Plz remove him and his crime family asap.

Sickening! Sorry for the immense loss of lives. My heartfelt sorrow follows you throughout this time. Prayers 🙏 My deepest sympathies. So sad im lost for words you cant get any more low down then this my sincere condolences i wonder whos behind all of this i believe i know who.I just want to hear Trumps excuse!!! White supremists, his kinda people, Muslims dead, just how he likes them!!! IMPEACHMENT is completely necessary!!! ASAP

Twitter account purporting to belong to Christchurch, New Zealand mass shooter was opened in February 2019, contains news articles and links to white supremacy blogs as well as numerous photos that match weapons used in attack shown on live stream.

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