Donald Trump Is Proving To Be The Most Dangerous President in US History

Donald Trump is a ticking time bomb to the entire world and is just a matter of time before it explodes. There is nothing positive that he has done since assuming office on January 20th, 2017. He is vindictive, lacks self-control, impulsive, and he is consumed by the way he is viewed and how citizens and fellow leaders think of him.

So far, he has nothing positive he can say about his administrative. The primary task he has undertaken so far is to undo the more beneficial social structures that were put in place by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Pathetic Leadership Style

His style of leadership is pathetic, and he seems to lack control over the core government institutions and especially the security organs of the country. Asked about North Korea during the recently concluded UN summit, his response was outrageous. “Kim Jon-un should expect nothing but maximum opposition and frankly the kind of power that can only be imagined,” he said.

However, the world should be more worried about Trump than Kim Jong-un and North Korea. President trump continues to display an alarming ignorance of basic facts of modern international politics. Trump has already proved to be a dangerous man who has put the country’s national security and well-being at risk out of his recklessness.

Strained International Relations

Trump has made Vladimir Putin one of his closest allies even after he committed an act of war against the U.S by interfering with the 2016 presidential election. He has lashed out at the traditional America allies and set up fragile international relations with other countries.

Strong world leaders are required to be tactful, gracious and sensitive to matters of national interest. However,

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to care about any of these qualities. Although it is difficult to accept what is happening in the U.S today, it is hard to write-off criticisms of Trump as delusions of unpatriotic citizens Trump represents a man who is who is more dangerous to the great America as he is to the world.

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