Donald Trump might be the dimmest President the US has ever had (Video)

Thank you Mr Reich. In the endless pounding noise of the Trump administration’s distraction campaign, thank you for your clear and concise public airing of what is going on at the root of our rotting tree. Thank you for the perspective of our best, mid-level and not-so-great leaders to judge just how far we’re now falling. Thank you for your public service during your time in government. I hope to see you there again, perhaps at the top. Thank you for choosing to be an educator of our youth, arguably the most important gift a noble statesman can give to the world. And Finally, thank you so much for not fading into the political woodwork at some beach house, like SO MANY have and giving those of us willing to fight, tangible places to put our energy and resources.

Robert Reich is a National Treasure Remember these words from Superman “Truth Justice and the American way”. That is what needs to be Restored. This is up to ALL of us to Remember that and Stand up for it. The cost of not doing this will be losing the very thing that makes America the envy of the World Democracies! Trump is the Anarchist Puppet of Putin weakening the country, at its core Wake Up Please. This divisive political turn in the Country threatens us all, anyone for civil war? Thats whats down the Trum Rabbit hole. Please listen to your brothers and sisters, and be willing to change. Embrace all that is common ground we are not that different one millimeter below the skin. In our heart of hearts, we all want security and Justice for all.

He’s the biggest criminal I’ve ever seen. I sure didn’t vote for him and never considered him a serious contender, but was also very fearful that others would. And they did.


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