What You Need to Know About Hoverboard Safety

Ever since they were first introduced, hoverboards have only grown in popularity. The increasing interest has led to a boom in production. There were reports of these devices overheating and sometimes catching on fire. This happened because in the early stages, these products were not subjected to rigorous inspections and safety certification. Today, these devices are much safer as they have to meet established standards before they can be released to the market.

While modern hoverboards are unlikely to overheat, this does not mean that there is no need to pay attention to safety when buying and using them. They are designed to be self-balancing, but the risk of falls still exist, especially among children.

Self Balancing Scooters

Hoverboard Injuries

Statistics show that children receive the most injuries from hoverboard use. Occasional burns after bumping into stoves occur, but the vast majority of injuries are caused by falls. Other reported injuries were fractures, contusions, sprains and head injuries.

Hoverboard Safety

Studies have shown that many injuries caused by riding hoverboards could be avoided with the use of safety gear. Other ways to make the use of this device safer include:

  • Users, especially children, taking it slow when they first start out. Leave the speed until you are familiar with riding a hoverboard;
  • Avoid riding hoverboards in traffic or areas where there is any type f obstruction;
  • Avoid using the hoverboard if it seems to be overheating or showing other signs that something is wrong;
  • Read the manufacturer’s use and safety guidelines properly before using the product;
  • The hoverboard should only be charged using the provided equipment.

Protective gear includes helmets, wrist guards and knee guards. They are available even for small children. Parents should have a discussion with their children about the importance of using these safety gears. It is recommended that you charge a hoverboard when you are able to keep an eye on it. Most importantly, do not leave it plugged in all night. Flammable items should not be near a hoverboard while it is being charged.

Before buying one, learn as much as you can about the product. You should only buy one of these products if it is fully certified. This information is easy to find as it should be on the packaging. Keep in mind that if you have an older hoverboard, it may not be compliant with current standards.

You should also know where hoverboards can be used. Local laws in some regions prevent their use in certain areas. If you plan to use your hoverboard outside at night, choose one that have lights to increase your visibility.

An important point that all hoverboard users should note is that they are very different from skateboards. Do not attempt to use them on ramps or for jumps. They are built simply for moving around, not for tricks. Due to safety concerns, self-balancing scooters are not allowed on many airlines. These devices can be used as a mode of transport or for fun, but it is necessary to learn as much as you can about them to ensure that all possible risks are minimized.

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