Is Trump truly delivering on his campaign against unemployment?

Politician’s breaking their promises is as old as civilisation itself. But how well has Trump’s republican party succeeded in bringing back American jobs for American people as their first year in power draws to a close? The Rust Belt is essentially what won the election for disenfranchised steel workers demanding attention from a government they felt had forgotten them. At 4.3% unemployment in America has been at it’s lowest since 2001. Equally the markets have reached an all time high. So did Trump deliver on his promise to deliver jobs to those most in need, or is there more than meets the eye with these numbers?

Trump has been the first to quote these figures through Twitter and lap up the credit, but how much does he actually deserve? A closer look at the numbers shows that the majority of the unemployment drop was under the watch of his predecessor, Barack Obama. In January, when Trump took office, unemployment had already fallen to 4.8%. In the following ten months it has only dropped a further 0.5% although, to Trump’s credit, the smaller the number gets the more significant decreases are, given that 0% unemployment is virtually unattainable.

Weighing up the full history of these statistics will decide whether Trump has, or can, deliver on his promises. It should also be noted that unemployment was exceptionally high in the US due to the credit crash of 2010. Bringing down those numbers was a challenge but one that was achievable as the economy slowly got back up and running. The Obama administration did most of the heavy lifting and it’s likely that the continuing fall is a hangover from the previous regime. So far Trump has failed to bring jobs back to the rust belt, or reignite America’s failing manufacturing industry. The numbers may be promising, but only time will tell whether his administration is acting as a buffer, or actually reducing unemployment in the US. The next figures, due in January 2018, will tell a far clearer story about how capable this administration is at fighting unemployment.

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