Kellyanne Conway just totally lost it on Jim Acosta after he called out Trump over tonight’s speech

A little touchy about the lying thing? I guess it gets tough having to constantly defend a liar.Sometimes the truth more than hurts! That’s why they hate CNN. The truth does indeed hurt and so do the facts.

Can you feel the pressure? They are running out of lies and if I were her husband, I would get a divorce so his reputation and business don’t run into trouble.

I’m sorry but I heard when kellyanne Conway gave the interview and she said that’s alternative facts. She didn’t add what she’s adding now.

Does she even know the definition of “smartass?” Or is she simply using the term as alternative facts?

I know a lot of people will be mad at me for being nice to Kellyanne. When I was younger I loved watching her television series. She would come out and do her monologue. Then the movie would start. If I remember correctly the series was called ” tales from the crypt”.

Love Jim Acosta. Nobody can stand that Kellyanne Conway, not even her husband that says she and Trump both lie.

Mr. Acosta please do not give this lying POS any more of your time. Every one knows that she and Sanders are just Drumphs paid liars. Her own husband won’t even back her up. She is pathetic.

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