Kellyanne Conway’s husband calls for ‘serious inquiry’ into Trump’s mental state: ‘It’s nuts — it’s a disorder’

Prominent Republican attorney George Conway called for a ‘serious inquiry’ into President Donald Trump’s mental health.

Conway, who is married to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, is a longtime conservative activist in Washington, DC.

Conway, labeling Trump as “Summa Cum Liar,” posted of video of Trump inaccurately claiming Judge Amy Berman Jackson exonerated him on the question of collusion with Russia.

During White House event, Trump — echoing Manafort’s lawyer’s lie — falsely claims Judge Amy Berman Jackson exonerated him of collusion. “That was proven today — no collusion. There was no collusion… it was all a big hoax… Today, again, ‘no collusion.


So true. Unfortunately for trump he is still a traitor. He and all traitors who for whatever reason resorted to treasonous acts should be held accountable.Go get ‘im, Georgie! But how in hell does he not fire your wife?I’m beginning to think that Kelly Anne is a mole/leaker in the White House and she and her hubby laugh about all the stupid stuff Trump does daily. Honestly, it’s beyond belief that Kelly Ann is not telling him stuff about the Trump WH. She used to be a respected Republican operative – in the days when Republican wasn’t synonymous with corruption and bigotry. And if she was straight on Trumpster, he would probably have divorced her by now. So I believe everything he says.He’s obviously mentally unfit and he has the nuclear codes. If this doesn’t scare you, there is something wrong with you.

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