Missouri restaurant calls cops after waitress gets tired of serving black man’s birthday party

A black Missouri man was humiliated during his birthday party after a waitress gave up on his group — and managers called police to escort them out.


“Saturday’s incident is sadly not a surprise,” said the St. Louis County NAACP in a statement. “As we look at the Missouri attorney general’s traffic stop data, it is simply a reflection of the reality of racial profiling in areas of St. Louis and across the state. The family underwent what many would call ‘dining while black.’”

This shit needs to stop and public law enforcement needs to stop acting like private security for racist establishments.

This has to be exhausting and exasperating to say the least. Just to rehash. Man rents room at restaurant. Restaurant offers separate billing in contract. Waitress, who is guaranteed a 20% tip due to contract refuses to do her job. Manager doesn’t fire waitress and honor contract. Manager calls cops on customers. Disgusting.

This is before we get to the part about ruining the mans Birthday celebration. Just wrong.If I was that waitress I would have had the manager helping me – – who assigns ONE waitress to a party of 30 people?

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