Ocasio-Cortez just dunked on Howard Schultz and his centrist negativity in a brutal tweet

Howard Schultz now onstage at , reliving the first weeks of his exploratory bid. “I said I was considering running as a centrist independent outside the two-party system.” No one applauds. Let’s see how this goes.

Four minutes in, Schultz gets his first applause for: “The two-party system is broken, dysfunctional, and in need of great repair.”

Schultz kind of backing down from his “un-American” line when asked about Warren/AOC/”partisans”: “They love the country. They have their core beliefs. But you have to ask themselves, is any of this possible?”

Schultz criticizing Green New Deal for the provision about making every building energy efficient. “That’s a well-intentioned idea, but it’s never gonna happen.” Crowd is dead silent.

Ah yes, because we‘ve all drawn upon the rich inspiration of American leaders who‘ve inspired a nation in crisis by saying, “No, You Can’t.”

Schultz, asked how he’d come up with a brand that voters like: “Give me some time to kind of feel my way through.”

Good Byers Q: “Do you have people in your life who tell you: Howard, don’t do this, you’re embarrassing yourself?”

Schultz’s non-answer: “When you do something that is against the grain, certainly you will have a group of people who say this is not the thing to do.”


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