Ocasio-Cortez just publicly humiliated toddler Trump and Republicans for his admitting to sexual assault on tape

These old sexist men had better find retirement homes. The new women in the House didn’t come to DC to play games or take their crap. These old fogies need to mind their mouths and their manners or they will find themselves kicked in the butt repeatedly.

In his defense this must be really scary for him watching all these changes taking place and seeing dinosaurs like himself and his party facing eradication and extinction.

They don’t realize that they’re turning her into fierce adversary. Didn’t turn out that great for them with Nancy Pelosi now did it. Keep up the good work lol.

Old man you keep your eyes on that ” little girl” she’s the one of many strong women that will be who you answer to and who make will drive the future. You disrespectful old fool.


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