The Most Common Plumbing Mistakes Do-it-yourselfers Make

The growth of the Internet has generated an information boom worldwide. It is now easy to find almost anything you need, but this has not always had a positive effect. The availability of instructional videos and articles covering a wide range of topics has given rise to the idea that you can often avoid calling professionals. Plumbing is one of the areas that commonly falls into this category. This has led to many homeowners making mistakes when they try to deal with plumbing problems on their own.

Not Following Local Codes

Professional plumbers are fully acquainted with laws governing installations and plumbing repair in their areas. Most homeowners do not have this information, and some fail to even research it before trying to fix a plumbing problem. DIY plumbing jobs ca be fun, but you could actually be driving up your overall costs if you are not up to code.

Doing the Job too Quickly

The downside to watching instructional videos online is that they sometimes give the impression that plumbing repair is usually a quick fix. Remember that these videos are often edited for time, so what seems like a 20 minute job could last for more than an hour. Trying to rush a repair job increases the chances of making mistakes. You could also end up damaging the fixtures.

Being Overconfident

Being armed with the limited information easily found in online forums is sometimes enough to make some people feel like they can tackle any job. Even if you can handle basic tasks, the more complex ones will probably be beyond you.

Choosing the Wrong Pipes

In an attempt at a quick fix, some people think that using any pipe will work for a plumbing repair job. Connecting pipes made of different materials will cause excessive wear and eventually leaks. They may also try to force pipes to fit into unsuitable spaces, causing misalignment or damage.

Trying to save money by not calling in professionals can actually cost you more in the long run. Even seemingly simple problems like a clogged drain might be best left to a plumber. You might be tempted to repeatedly use drain cleaning products but excessive amounts can soften the pipes. This will make them more prone to leaking.

There is no doubt that a plumbing problem is something you will want to deal with quickly. However, this does not mean that you should not wait on a professional to arrive. Dealing with problems correctly will determine the long term health of your plumbing system.

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