President Trump, champion of the “Forgotten Man,” spends $1.75 million on furniture

President Donald Trump has spent about $ 1.75 million on buying new furniture for the White House. This amount far exceeds what previous Presidents had spent on refurbishments at similar points in their presidency. President Obama, for instance, spent $1.5 million in renovating the White House after he took office. While a large part of the money was spent on executive furniture, purchases also include custom rugs for $17,000, wallpaper for $5,000 and something called “furniture pedestal” for $7,000. President Trump also ordered a customized conference table for $12,800 from a company that had made a similar table for President Nixon. Soon after that, the Watergate scandal broke and President Nixon had to relinquish office after being impeached. It is yet to be seen if the desk brings similar misfortune for President Trump. Senate representatives and a California billionaire have already launched campaigns for his impeachment.

President Trump, who once criticized then President Obama for playing too much golf, has spent a considerable period of his presidency staying at his golf resorts and avoiding the White House. The president’s golf holidays have cost the tax-payer a great deal of money. The President, who surrounded himself with gold-plated furniture at his residence “The Trump Tower”, was even reported to have referred to the White House as “a real dump” to his golf buddies. It is quite fathomable that the understated decor and aesthetic of the White House did not live up to his standards. With Trump spending $1.75 Million on presidential furniture, he may spend more time at the White House now.

While it is customary for new presidents to spend extensively on White house renovations, past presidents have been known to foot part of the bill themselves. President Nixon paid for the conference table out of his own pocket. President Obama too insisted on paying for redecorating costs himself. There is no information yet on whether President Trump has done the same.

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