The Russian Hacking and Influence in the 2016 United States Elections

The US intelligence community has concluded with absolute confidence that the Russian government interfered with the 2016 US presidential election; in a way that helped the current president, Donald Trump clinch the top job. Though Russia’s interference in the election may be viewed as an attempt to disrupt the polls and cause chaos, it is also clear that Russian president Vladimir Putin dislikes Hillary Clinton and would have done anything to skew the election’s outcome in favor of her competitor.

Disappointed that an outside force was determined to subdue the will of the American people, leaders from both sides of the political divide condemned the alleged actions of Russia. Trump, on the other hand, seemed to brush these claims off stating that the Democrats were making up things because they were frustrated by an election loss. Hillary Clinton was right when she said that Trump was encouraging Russia’s espionage against the American people. Efforts by Trump to soften the accusations against a US adversary once again show a man who is not fit for the job.

Public evidence supports the idea that Putin wanted Trump to win the elections. In the run-up to the polls, Russia’s state media coverage of Donald Trump was favorable while it made deliberate attempts to portray Clinton as a warmonger. The animosity between Putin and Clinton came to life when Clinton was US secretary of state and she challenged the fairness of Russian’s elections where Putin won for a third term. That this personal grudge could have denied the US their best choice for president makes for a sad state of affairs.

Before the election, Trump used to say that he knew Putin. But soon after it became clear that the question of Russia’s interference with the election was going to pose a big problem to his administration, Trump’s story changed. He now said that he had never met Putin before assuming office and that any news of him having anything to do with Russia was fake. Of course, this was another of Trump’s lies since he has acted as Putin’s spokesman in the American press in the past.

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