Tiffany Trump just attended the State of the Union and betrayed her father with a bold statement

BREAKING: House Democratic women dressed in white to honor the early suffragettes walk up the spiral staircase in the House Chambers for the State of The Union. What a moment!

“When Donald Trump approaches the podium to wheeze through his sad little State of the Union address Tuesday night (when most of us would rather be watching Phylicia Rashad and Susan Kelechi Watson devour scenery on This Is Us), he will likely be greeted with a sea of white.

No, it won’t be the hoods of the Ku Klux Klan (though we’re guessing he wishes). It’ll be the legion of congresswomen who stand in opposition to the Fanta Menace’s policies on women’s rights (and women, in general), amongst other problematic policies.”

But the President would probably be even more surprised to see that one of the women in white was his own daughter, Tiffany Trump.

OUCH! Trump’s daughter sent Pelosi and the Democrats a clear message of support and turned heads on both sides of the aisle tonight.

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