Trump and Obama Comparison

If we are being honest, President Trump cannot match the standards of his predecessor Barack Obama. The idea of constantly referring to the former President and comparing himself with his predecessor is in itself a failure on his side.

Instead of dealing with his administration problems head on, he hides behind his tweets posting what people could have said if it was Obama.

Like President Franklin Roosevelt, Obama used his 100 days in office to signing executive orders and laws to stabilize the economy after the 2008 economy recession. The stimulus package bill cannot be compared to the measures that Roosevelt took to stabilize the economy back in 1933, but it brought hope to America after the devastating 2008 economic recession.

It’s a shame to note that Trump keeps on bragging about the number of executive orders that he has signed in his first 100 days, yet the white house press secretary cannot name even one legislative achievement.

During the 2016 Presidential campaigns, Trump said that Obama was misusing his powers by signing so many executive orders. Surprisingly, he has signed more than two times the orders that Obama signed in his first 100 days. In addition, instead of implementing laws that will help the nation, he is busy trying to prove that he is better than Obama by signing executive orders to reverse Obama’s regulations.

Trump’s approval rating started to get worse when he ordered a missile strike in Syria. Actually, he is currently the worst rated President in the US. His attempts to repeal and replace the health care (Obama care), impose travel bans on various Muslim majority nations, and building a wall on U.S – Mexico border have failed miserably. Actually, the only achievement that Trump can boast about is the appointment of the Supreme Court judge- Justice Neil Gorsuch. However, he was able to successful appoint the judge because of the problems that Obama faced last year with Merrick Garland’s appointment.

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