Trump just begged Dems to come back in a very telling government shutdown Twitter rant

But President Trump you said YOU were the ONLY person who could fix it. So fix it. Resigning would be a good start.

Waste of time! Dems already passed a bill, McConnell will refuse to even put on the floor of the senate. He does not want to negotiate, wants his racist wall and nothing else! He and McConnell are playing dictator and not honoring the 3 power system!

Your plan on Mexico paying for your wall didn’t work, your plan on Americans paying for it won’t work either, so how will you ever pay all those employees their time lost? Does that tell you are an A+ president? Keep up with the showdown and your great economy will tank! So yea you are making America not so great!

Question: why is he only asking for the Democrats to come back – he’s “waiting” all alone in the WH? Why isn’t he asking the Republicans to come back, especially those who voted against his request? And question #2: he had 2 years with a Republican dominated Congress so why didn’t he get it done with them then? Just wondering…

Call McConnell. He has the power to end the shutdown. They need to stop using Democrats as their excuse. The Republicans had two years to get his wall for him. This is a joke and just goes to prove how weak Don and his enablers are.

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