Trump just made fear-mongering a Super Bowl Sunday tradition with his latest tweet

As usual stupid talk from an inept person who doesn’t pay taxes, won’t show his taxes, bankrupt businesses, and the USA, plays with dictators and gets paid by them, goes against scientists, TEACHERS, health system, veterans etc. And wants a stupid wall… A game with no instructions, no rules but yet teach the BIBLE, something he can’t read or comprehend. Geez, the GOP and their child like leader better be netting good money from Putin, they’ll need it.



This is all about him getting what he wants. This is all in his head and he’s acting just like a two year old. They all agree we need something but a wall is not the answer. Put a wall around him and take away his phone. Then he can stay in his room all day and watch T.V. What else does he do but talk about himself.

What happened to the caravan of 2000 marching rapist that were due to cross the boarder in November? Right after the election there has been no word from “the donald” about them until now. Did they get lost? Or is this another convenient crisis stage by “the donald”?



Y is he still doing that? People gets blocked on fb and tweeter for so called violating their community standards. But yet knowing trump spread hate and they let him. The hypocrisy.

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