Trump proposes big cuts to health programs, Education Department & gives $20 million to his golf buddy’s pet project

The Trump administration is looking to decrease the Education Department’s funding by $7.1 billion compared to what it was given last year, as part of next year’s proposed budget.


Today is Trump’s 173rd time at his golf courses since becoming president — nearly 1 in every 4 days that he has been in office. Trump is golfing more than twice as often as Obama. And yet, here are some of the times that he slammed Obama for playing golf when he was president.

“While HHS has supported the use of mobile hospitals after disasters, like devastating hurricanes that have hit the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean, health officials haven’t previously seen the need for specialized mobile hospitals for children.”

$20 mill for mobile hospitals for just the kids?….sounds like another Trump University Scam to me and the Taxpayers are going to be the ones to foot the bill.

Why is education the first thing they cut funding for? These kids are future of this country…Oh I know why..their kids go to private schools so they can care less about the public schools. Wake up their fighting silent war against us. And this is just a part of it.

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