Trump’s budget director just blamed Obama for the White House’s own failed promises

This administration is full of ass****s, from the bottom up. They take responsibility for nothing. President Obama reduced the debt t during his administration. Trump came in Like a wrecking ball. He has tacked 2 trillion to the debt in less than 2 years, with no end in site. He wants more and more with nothing for the constituents in return.
Will this screwed up administration take responsibility for anything?

Of course…when in doubt blame Obama or Hillary or Democrats in general..Forget the pesky part about Republicans having majority in both houses last 2 years and Obama being out of office for 2 1/2 years and Hillary never bring president..ain’t no one to blame but themselves.

Can blame whoever they want but they have 3 fingers pointing right back at them. They think all Americans are as stupid and gullible as their own followers. While they are playing stupid we are going to take our government back.

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