US Healthcare: Trump wants to repeal and replace but don’t know how

From the moment that the now President Donald Trump had announced his candidacy, he made the healthcare plan as one of his agendas and after he won the presidency, the Republicans had made efforts in scrapping key portions of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

But how does this affect the American people? The Trump administration wants the people to believe that they are making them a favor by replacing the Obama healthcare plan that somehow worked for eight years, however the new healthcare plan that the Trump is introducing to the congress is not as affordable and as accessible as it had promised.

Basically, the new healthcare plan, which is believed to be named the “Trump Care” is stripping the American people their basic rights. Trump Care is now removing one of the most important benefits of Obamacare, which is treating those with preexisting conditions, the existing healthcare gives those citizens an assurance that they won’t be rejected by insurers or charged more compared to others. Because of this benefit, uninsured people decreased by twenty percent. It has increased access to primary care, specialty care, surgery, medicines and treatment for chronic conditions. Those who are sick are less likely to skip their much-needed treatment because of the cost and as of last year, studies show that it had helped save thousands of lives.

And here comes the Republicans, who did not even think about the complexities of healthcare and their new plan benefits more towards the wealthy who does not need the healthcare anyway as they can afford any treatment that they may need. The Republicans claim that the current Obamacare plan is the reason for the loss of some employers as they are the ones who are supposed to provide the healthcare to their employees. But this is not the case at all. Whatever Trump’s new plan is, we all know that the masses will not get any help from him.

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