Watch: Roseanne Barr just launched a racist, unhinged attack on Ocasio-Cortez

It’s hard to leave the spotlight. Especially when the departure is involuntary.

That may be the only reason that actress and comedian Roseanne Barr continues to do things that scream “look at me!” while courting controversy with the same brand of right-wing hate speech that destroyed her career in the first place.

With a fan base that shares her conspiracy theory-laden world view, Barr now shares her misguided rants via a dedicated YouTube channel to which she now randomly posts apparently whatever thoughts pop into her head as she consumes a steady diet of rabidly right-wing media, in much the same reactionary mode as our current president.


It’s sad to watch the remnants of celebrity being exploited to propagate such ill-informed and hateful messages, but you can watch Roseanne Barr make a fool of her self in the video below.

Besides associating the freshman congresswoman with Farrakhan in a racist assumption, she added a few conspiracy theories of her own including the accusation that Ocasio-Cortez was being paid by some unnamed outside forces to push the Green New Deal and that Democrats wanted immigrants in the U.S. because “all their buddies are hiring them for less than minimum wage.”
In case you thought firing her was a mistake… she confirmed it was the right move!

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