7 Ways To Shine Shoes Back To New

Mark Stephan

Banana Skin


Get some banana peels and rub the inside of the skin on your worn-out and dull-looking shoes. After that, clean the shoes using a dry soft cloth.



Lemon And Olive Oil


Dash some olive oil on the shoes you want to polish and let them sit for about 7 minutes. Next, rub the oil in using a dry and soft fabric.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

Shine Your Shoes

Rubbing Alcohol


Grab a cotton ball, soak it in alcohol and gently apply it to the shoes you intend to polish.


Rubbing Alcohol

Coconut Oil


Grab a cotton ball and pour about 1.5 milliliters of coconut oil on it. Next, apply the oil to your dull-looking shoes using a circular motion.

Coconut Oil

Apply the Oil

Lip Balm


Apply a little of your half-used lip balm to the shoes you want to shine. Next, grab a plush, clean fabric and wipe down the shoe until you get the shine you want.



Simply heat the beeswax until you get a smooth consistency. After that, apply the smooth wax to your shoes. Use a soft fabric to wipe off excess wax and buff the shoes using a shoe brush.

Apply the Smooth Wax

Wipe off Excess Wax

Petroleum Jelly


Take a little quantity of petroleum jelly and apply it to the leather shoes. Rub the jelly into your shoes and then wipe off any residual jelly using a soft fabric.


Rub Jelly

Try out any of these methods and see the results for yourself. Please remember to first clean and dry any shoe you want to polish before you start.