Why Nuclear Codes Should Be Taken Away From Trump?

Is Donald Trump the right person to decide whether or not to launch a nuclear strike? Absolutely no!

The president of United States of America has absolute power when it comes to deciding whether or not to launch a nuclear strike on a nation. Given Trump’s erratic behaviour, leaving this decision to him alone is not the best idea for the world. Time and again, Trump has proved that he cannot be trusted with this decision. The US was brought close to an all-out nuclear war with North Korea solely due to Trump’s behaviour.

A nuclear war would destroy the world as we know it. A quick visit to either Nagasaki or Hiroshima is enough to understand the consequences of a nuclear attack. The ramifications of the attack that took place on Japanese soil during 1945 can be felt even today.

When the president decides he wants to launch a nuclear strike against a nation, there are no roadblocks or checks or committees that contemplate and debate the decision. When he says go it time to go. This is a very scary prospect for the rest of the world. A nuclear war will leave the world in the state of total destruction and can be the end of mankind. To leave such an important decision in hands of just one person, a person who has proven that he is irresponsible, unsympathetic and untrustworthy, is the worst possible decision.

In a world that is becoming increasingly volatile, and people being offended easily, someone who tweets everything that comes to his mind without a second thought is definitely not the best person to make this decision. People are questioning whether he should be allowed to tweet at all. When there is a significant doubt over whether you can tweet like you are the president of one of the most powerful nations in the world, there is absolutely no way you should be handling the nuclear codes. The power to decide the future of millions of people should not be taken by a single person and especially not a person like Trump.

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