Why Repealing of Obamacare is Proving Impossible for Trump’s Administration

President Donald Trump has faced a tough opposition in his efforts to fulfill his campaign promise of health care. Trump had earlier promised that he will repeal the Obamacare immediately he took the oath of office. However, things seem not to work to help him achieve his agenda within his first hundred days in office. But he needs to get the two opposed factions of his Republican party if he is to succeed about repealing Obamacare. The two factions namely the conservatives and moderates are derailing the repealing process. This has blocked the president from making this major legislative achievement that would lead to the abolishment of his predecessor’s health care law.This article will provide details of Trump policy over heath care issues that you need to know.

The moderates have been advocating that their constituents keep some of the provisions of the Obamacare like protection for citizens with pre-existing conditions. Meanwhile, conservatives had campaigned for the repeal of the law, especially where it requires people to pay the same premiums despite their health conditions. They expected that the repeal process will be faster just like the previous one during the Obama administration in 2015.

The anti-trump group finds more provisions contained in the Obama health care law to be favorable and thus need not to be repealed. These provisions include mandating insurance firms to cover Americans with pre-existing conditions and allowing kids to be covered by their parent’s insurance until they attain 26 years of age.

Republicans can now control both the White House and Congress after a very long time in history. But the fate of the repealing bill remains uncertain. This has forced President Donald Trump to schedule a meeting with the conservatives who have issues concerning the bill. The proposed Trump care bill will no doubt increase the cost of healthcare in the United States. It will make people with chronic illnesses to pay more for treatment as compared to the Obamacare. Most Republicans are torn between supporting their president or passing a bill that would affect their constituents who live with pre-existing conditions.

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