Do Crocs Run Big or Small? Size Chart & Fit Guide

Do Crocs Run Big or Small

Crocs are popular for their comfort, durability, and ease of upkeep. They are also colorful, well-ventilated, and ideal for any season. But, to enjoy the benefits of crocs shoes, the model you choose must fit your feet well. This is especially important if you intend to order a pair online. One question that prospective buyers of crocs shoes ask is “Do crocs run big or small?” This post will answer this question and more.

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Do Crocs Run Big Or Small? Crocs Sizing Guide

Are Crocs true to size or Do they Run Small or Big?

The short answer to this question is that it depends on the crocs model that you intend to purchase. Crocs are generally true to size fitting but this differs considerably across the several different styles and models on the market. Crocs are offered in 3 major fit types: relaxed fit, roomy fit, and standard fit. Each fit type provides support and comfort differently per the user’s needs and preferences.

Which Crocs Fit Type is Best for me?

  • Standard Fit:
Standard Fit
Standard Fit

These models generally run a bit small. However, they are the nearest to true-to-size compared to the other 2 major fit types. The standard-fit models provide a snug fit without being tight or making you feel uneasy. These models are perfect for those times when you need a pair of comfy shoes that can also withstand harsh terrains.

  • Roomy Fit:
Roomy Fit
Roomy Fit

If you are wide-footed, the roomy-fit crocs models may be the best option for you. As indicated by the name, these shoes are very spacious. Also, there are no uncomfortable pressure points on the inside of the shoes. Because of their roomy construction, these models run somewhat large. Therefore, if you are narrow-footed, you may want to size down one size if you opt for any of these models.

Most crocs styles within this grouping are fashioned after their legendary clogs. These are typically fitted with a heel strap that helps keep the feet from slipping within the shoes.

  • Relaxed Fit:
Relaxed Fit
Relaxed Fit

The relaxed fit models combine the features of both standard and roomy fit models. They run a bit big but not as big as their roomy fit counterparts. Many crocs relaxed fit models come with straps or laces that help ensure a secure fit. If you are seeking both comfort and adequate security, then the relaxed fit will work perfectly for you. Also, these models are the go-to footwear for individuals who work mostly on their feet.

Are Crocs Offered in Half Sizes?

Firstly, it must be acknowledged that half-size shoes make some difference concerning shoe fit. Some manufacturers make shoes that run either small or large. In this circumstance, ordering a half size smaller or larger compared to your regular size makes a considerable difference in comfort and fit.

Having said that, most crocs models are regrettably not offered in half sizes. Therefore, if you wear half sizes in shoes, it is suggested you size up to the next whole size. Most crocs wearers say sizing down may result in the shoes being excessively tight.

Do Crocs Stretch?

It is common knowledge that shoes will naturally stretch out with regular wear. However, does this apply to crocs? Crocs, like other shoes, will stretch out during the initial few uses. This stretching may cause the shoes to be approximately ½ – inch larger depending on your feet and how regularly you wear the shoes.

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Crocs Shoe Size Chart US, UK, & EU

Crocs Shoe Size Chart

Women’s Sizes:

US Size UK Size EU Size Inches CM
3 N/A N/A 8 20.4
4 N/A N/A 8 3/8 21.2
5 3 34-35 8 5/8 22.1
6 4 36-37 9 22.9
7 5 37-38 9 3/8 23.8
8 6 38-39 9 5/8 24.6
9 7 39-40 10 25.5
10 8 41-42 10 3/8 26.3
11 9 42-43 10 5/8 27.2
12 10 N/A 11 28

Men’s Sizes:

US Size UK Size EU Size Inches CM
4 N/A N/A 8 5/8 21.9
5 N/A N/A 9 22.8
6 N/A N/A 9 3/8 23.8
7 6 39-40 9 5/8 24.4
8 7 41-42 10 25.4
9 8 42-43 10 3/8 26.3
10 9 43-44 10 5/8 27
11 10 45-46 11 27.9
12 11 46-47 11 3/8 28.9
13 12 48-49 11 5/8 29.5
14 N/A N/A 12 30.4
15 N/A N/A 12 3/8 31.4
16 N/A N/A 12 5/8 32
17 N/A N/A 13 23

Unisex Sizes:

US Size UK Size EU Size
M4 | W6 M3 | W4 36-37
M5 | W7 M4 | W5 37-38
M6 | W8 M5 | W6 38-39
M7 | W9 M6 | W7 39-40
M8 | W10 M7 | W8 41-42
M9 | W11 M8 | W9 42-43
M10 | W12 M9 | W10 43-44
11 10 45-46
12 11 46-47
13 12 48-49
14 13 49-50
15 14 50-51
16 15 51-52
17 16 52-53

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Do CROCS Run BIG? How Crocs Should Fit [Video Tutorial]

Conclusion: Do Crocs Run Big or Small?

The confusion regarding crocs sizing has been raging on for a while. However, from the above explanations, it is hoped you can now answer the question: do crocs run big or small? Remember, whether crocs are true to size fitting or run small or big depends mainly on the model you intend to purchase.

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