How Much Height Do Shoes Add?

In this day and age, height is a plus to women and men in their love, personal, and professional lives. This is because so many individuals prefer tall. However not everyone is blessed with a good height. Most short individuals are insecure regarding their height and this impacts their overall confidence.

Happily, you can add some additional inches to your height by wearing your regular pair of shoes. Now you may be wondering, how much taller can I get by wearing a pair of shoes? Continue reading as this post will reveal how many inches some shoe styles and brands can give you.

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How Much Height Do Shoes Add: Boots, Heels, Insoles

How Many Extra Inches Do Work Boots Give?

Men’s work boots generally feature chunky heels and midsoles. These workwear boots are also fitted with padded insoles plus other protective inner layers. These add-ons will consequently help boost your height a little (approximately 1 – 2.5 inches).

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How Many Extra Inches Do Platform Shoes Give?

Platform shoes are available in all styles and shapes. They come in work shoes, work boots, and even tennis shoes. These shoe types are typically fitted with elevated platforms at the front and rear of the shoe. This elevation will consequently raise your feet higher off of the ground compared to a regular pair of heels. Platforms can boost your height by up to 4 inches depending upon the type and model.

How Many Extra Inches Do Sneakers Give?

Sneakers come in a range of designs and models. Thus, the answer to the above question depends on the specific design that you have selected. For instance, low-profile sneakers such as Vans, Converse, or Keds can boost your height by about 0.5 inch. High-end sneakers such as Uggs, Yeezys, and Air Jordans can give you about 1 – 2 inches in height. Bear in mind that the height elevation you can get from a particular sneaker model or brand depends on the sneaker’s sole.

How Many Extra Inches Do Crocs Give?

Generally, everyday crocs designs can boost your height by approximately 1-inch. However, platform crocs can add 2.5 inches of height. Crocs platforms come with apparent thick soles within the range of 1 inch – 4 inches.

How Many Extra Inches Do Heels Give?

Classic Low heels can give 1 inch to 2 inches in height. Mid heels can boost your height by up to 2 inches while high heels can give 3 inches or more in height.

How Many Extra Inches Do Heels Give?

How Many Extra Inches Do Dress Shoes Give?

The level of height that a dress shoe can give depends on the sole plus heel thickness. However, most dress shoes can give anything from 0.5 to 1.25 inches in height. Furthermore, dress shoes with thick high heels will elevate your height more compared to the ones with thin low heels.

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Things to Insert Within Your Shoes to Elevate Your Height

Gel Inserts

A gel insert is a basic cushioned insole for shoes. It helps enhance comfort by providing extra support to the feet. These kinds of insoles can boost your height by 1.5 to 2 inches if you insert one to two layers beneath your shoe’s insoles. While these can help elevate your height and add a bit of comfort to your shoes, they are not durable. Therefore, they are appropriate for only temporary use.

Shoe lifts

Shoe lifts, also referred to as height-increasing insoles, offer an easy way to enhance the elevation that your footwear provides. When you place them within your shoes, they will slightly boost your height and your confidence. These insoles are also used to enhance comfort for individuals who suffer from Achilles tendonitis. Height increasing insoles are widely available online. You can also purchase them in brick-and-mortar stores or cobblers within your locality.

Height insoles are available in a wide variety of types including plastic height insoles, brushed height insoles, gel absorbing height increasing insoles, and cushioned memory foam height increasing insoles. Plastic height insoles will do a fantastic job of increasing your height. However, they are hard and unsupportive. For this reason, they are not suitable for long-wearing.

Brushed height insoles are crafted using hard-bristled compounds. These will also do a good job of increasing your height. However, they are unstable and tend to break easily. Gel absorbing height increasing insoles will elevate your height only marginally but they offer superior shock absorption and comfort. If you are seeking long-term comfort, these may work best for you. The cushioned memory foam height increasing insoles also work great for long hours of wearing. Nevertheless, they are somewhat expensive but provide great value for the dollar.

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