How to Dry Work Boots (Fast & Easy)

Aside from being uncomfortable, wearing wet boots all day can be extremely injurious to your feet. Your skin will get wrinkly, irritated and this may even result in blisters as well as bacterial infestation. Nobody enjoys wearing a pair of wet boots, and while it is extremely tempting to hurl your wet boots into the dryer, you may wind up shrinking your boots or even damaging your dryer during the process. Instead, use the following simple methods to dry work boots safely and quickly.

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How to Dry Work Boots: 5 Easy and Effective Drying Methods

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  1. Clean up Your Boots

Drying your boots with dirt or mud on them can make your boots look worn out and old. Therefore, before you begin the drying process, ensure the boots are completely clean. If there is dirt or mud on them, give them a thorough wash using a mild detergent and a clean cloth or brush. After washing them, use an old towel to tap the boots dry. If your boots have laces, now is a good time to take them off. If your boots have detachable insoles, take them out, clean them, and leave them to dry separately from the boots.

  1. Use a Portable Fan


  • Get a portable fan and put a folded towel beneath it. The towel will help collect water that might trickle from your boots as they dry
  • Undo the fan’s front cage
  • Tie your boots to the fan’s front cage using a wire. Ensure the interior of your boot is facing towards the fan. The underside of the boots should point away from the portable fan.
  • Check to see that the boots are securely tied by shaking the cage
  • Reattach the fan’s front cage to the remainder of the fan
  • Switch on the fan and let it blow overnight. This will dry up your boots

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  1. Use Old Newspapers

  • Crumple up some of your old newspapers and stuff them inside your work boots. The newspapers will soak up moisture within the boots. If you do not have old newspapers, you can achieve similar results with scrap paper, paper towels, or tissue paper.
  • Wrap the outside of your boots with the old newspapers. You can use rubber bands to prevent the newspaper from falling off. Avoid using newspapers with color print as this might discolor the boot’s leather upper.
  • To help the boots dry faster, replace the newspapers at 1 to 2 hours intervals. Replace both the exterior and interior newspaper with fresh, dry ones. Do this until your boots are completely dry.
  1. Use a Boot Dryer

A boot or shoe dryer is an electronic device that is used to dry footwear. It functions by circulating warm air inside your boots to get rid of moisture. Aside from drying out the footwear, this device also inhibits the growth of mold and mildew thus helping to keep your boot fresh and odor-free. Hot air boot dryers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit various requirements.

  1. Use Rice to Dry Out Your Wet Boots

Rice grains soak up moisture from the air around them. This property makes rice highly appropriate for drying wet leather boots. Use the following tips to dry your wet work boots using rice grains.

  • Get an empty container and fill it an inch or so high with rice
  • Put your wet work boots above the rice layer. Let them stay overnight.
  • Your boots should be dry and fresh in the morning
  • Throw the used rice away

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Note that it is never a good idea to dry your work boots using direct heat for example woodstoves, heaters, working ovens, campfires, or blow dryers. This is because the bond or glue that holds the boots together can break down, particularly in high temperatures.

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